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Azure Active Directory (Identity) Protection

Azure Active Directory (Identity) Protection enables organizations to configure automated responses to detected suspicious actions related to user identities.

Defend against Attackers

The vast majority of security breaches take place when attackers gain access to an environment by stealing a user’s identity. Over the years, attackers have become increasingly effective in leveraging third-party breaches and using sophisticated phishing attacks. As soon as an attacker gains access to even low privileged user accounts, it is relatively easy for them to gain access to important company resources through lateral movement.

Best Defense

As a consequence of this, you need to:

  • Protect all identities regardless of their privilege level
  • Proactively prevent compromised identities from being abused
  • Discovering compromised identities is no easy task. Azure Active Directory uses adaptive machine learning algorithms and heuristics to detect anomalies and suspicious incidents that indicate potentially compromised identities. Using this data, Identity Protection generates reports and alerts that enable you to evaluate the detected issues and take appropriate mitigation or remediation actions.

Your Cyber Security Team can setup and protect your organisation using Microsoft Identity Protection