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Established Organisation

We are an organisation located in Auckland, Wellington and Melbourne. We have been providing Cyber Security solutions for over 25 years. We manage and protect more than 3,000 users, 250+ servers and approx 200+ organisations.

We have over 25 years’ experience providing cyber security services for a variety of clients including corporations, not-for-profit organisations and multi-site businesses.

Who We Are

We have a team of 40 professionals, including qualified technical engineers, software developers, project managers and administrators who work hard to deliver results and drive secure solutions.

What We Can Do For You

This ensures that your organisation’s technology is in safe hands now, and future-proofed for tomorrow.

Our Differentiators

You are not dealing with multiple companies to get an end to end solution, and there is no room for assigning blame for issues to other providers. The buck stops with us

Ownership of our infrastructure and network allows us to consistently deliver reliability and performance our customers expect. And it keeps us more accountable

We have infrastructure in multiple data centres creating a high level of redundancy and resilience in our network

Our approach is 100% client focused; we are proactive and are always looking for ways to improve our services. This includes our client portal, technical support chat and self-help knowledgebase

We aim to provide the best solution for each individual client

Our team is dynamic and able to respond and resolve issues quickly and efficiently